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Nalon Coke

NALÓN Coke manufacture is carried out at specifically designed facilities, under a computing controlled process to produce a high performance coke that satisfies the requirements demanded in the foundry and insulation sectors.

The characteristics of the special NALÓN foundry coke are:

  • High apparent density.
  • Low ash content.
  • High carbon content.
  • High calorific value.
  • Low carboxyreactivity.
  • High mechanical strength.
  • Uniform granulometry accommodated to customer needs.


NALÓN Coke is employed mainly in the sectors of:

  • Iron foundry: For the manufacture of components for the automotive industry, machine tools, elements for public works, household equipment (radiators, baths, fittings...) and others.
  • The insulation sector: For the production of stone wool, acoustic and thermal insulating products.
  • Non-ferrous smelting: For the production of primary and secondary smelting lead, zinc and copper.


Nalon Coke.

Presentation and supply:

The standard granulometries of foundry coke marketed are:

  • 90 - 150 mm.
  • 90 - 250 mm.

NALÓN Coke is marketed in bulk in the aforementioned standard granulometries.

The preparation of any other granulometry has to be agreed on with the commercial department.

Prior to shipment, Coke is carefully handled to suit customer process requirements.

Industrial Química del Nalón, S.A. has controlled loading facilities which allow shipment by road and sea. They also employ multimodal systems.


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