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Quality is our bet as a differential factor
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Nalón Pro-System

Nalón Pro-SystemThis is a work system to reach excellence in the value chain of Industrial Química del Nalón,S.A.

  • Excellence: The permanent attitude of continious improvement as our way of doing things.
  • Value chain: A set of entrepreneurial processes focused on wealth generation and contribution to the community development.

Continuous improvement

The continuous improvement of competitiveness is one of the basis of Industrial Química del Nalón,S.A.'s entrepreneurial strategy. The aim of such continuous improvement is to keep and strengthen a preferential position on international markets to guarantee quality and clients' satisfaction.

In this connection, the company has launched a project named "Nalon-Pro-System" as a dynamizing element for continuous improvement in all its entrepreneurial processes.

Nalon-Pro-System is defined as a working system based on "Lean" principles, concepts and tools. It considers people as the main foundation of an organization, where team work and the permanent search for "MUDA" (waste) elimination  are the basis for the continuous increase in added value.

Considered as a reference system within the organization, as well as being perfectly aligned with the defined entrepreneurial strategy, Nalon-Pro-System settles the following objectives:

  • Quality and service understood in the widest sense: products, processes and management achieved with the best available technology by means of a culture based on innovation and anticipation.
  • Profitability, by means of an approach based on margins and business profitability.
  • Sustainability, assuring a long term future, based on honesty, entrepreneurial solvency and respect for environmental regulations.
  • Safety for workers, facilities and environs, by having modern facilities, training for employees and proactive planning in preventing risks at work.

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Nalon Pro-System

  • Authorised Economic Operator
  • IQNet
  • TÜVRheinland BS OHSAS 18001 certificate
  • AENOR certificate for Environmental Management
  • AENOR certificate as cegistered company